Tri Personal Coaching

Confidence Coaching in your life outside of work will help unlock a wealth of potential and elevate your personal brand. Prepare yourself for dynamic, supercharged living to achieve personal satisfaction and realize your dreams. Success, on your terms, is possible and an authentic, purpose-driven life can be yours. Start to claim your place in the world by seeking to understand your purpose, so that you can move toward activation. You only have one life to live, so live it on purpose with the help of a Trilucent Coach.

Consider coaching if you:

  1. Are unfulfilled with your career or in your home life
  2. Cannot answer the question: What is my purpose in life
  3. Dwell on missed opportunities and past mistakes
  4. Do not have a personal plan for the future
  5. Have been unsuccessful in changing your life around through counseling
  6. Have dreams and goals you have yet to accomplish
  7. Possess a desire to “win” in life, but cannot figure out how to get started
  8. Want to achieve greater day-to-day satisfaction


INQUISITION/DISCOVERY-Expect penetrating questions from your Coach, which will spark new, creative ideas. He/she will push you to define success for yourself on your terms. This will also involve identifying your core values and the things that are most important to you along with your strengths and potential blind spots.

CRUCIAL FEEDBACK-Your Coach will provide you with insight and feedback that will allow you to access other options from a fresh perspective. Through an established relationship, he/she will be able to help you pinpoint self-imposed roadblocks and ways to get around them. This will be a positive, enlightening experience that focuses on moving toward the place where you ultimately want to be. Optimism will always be the foundation.

NON-JUDGMENTAL SUPPORT-Your Coach is not in a position to judge you. The support that he/she will give you is unconditional. You are in control. Your Coach is merely there to inspire and guide you through releasing what already resides within. Expect the space to grow at your own pace in a safe, confidential, and respectful environment.

ACCOUNTABILITY- Personal responsibility is an important piece of your follow through. Your Coach will ensure that you remain steadfast in your pursuit of an authentic life filled with purpose. There will be tangible goals (long and short) to refer to throughout your journey. Veering of course is not an option when you have a Coach as your accountability partner.

ONGOING CONNECTION- A weekly call will serve as a checkpoint to flush out any new developments in your goal plan. This time is devoted to you, as you navigate through the phases of your journey.

DESIRED RESULTS—Look forward to a future of success, contentment, joy, and fulfillment—a maturation of the best person that you can be!